Moondance Sea Kayak Adventures

is the longest running kayaking company in Bellingham, Washington. Since 1992 we’ve welcomed beginners as well as more skilled paddlers on our adventures and we are PROUD to continue to share our knowledge and expertise with you today! Beginners will learn the basics of kayak navigation and paddling techniques, while the more experienced will find this an excellent opportunity to advance their skills. We offer evening, half day, full day and multi-day trips as well as Custom Adventures. Local trips launch near Bellingham and Anacortes, or from Orcas Island.

We specialize in small groups to assure attention to individual needs, and to promote low impact interaction with the natural surroundings. Our experienced guides are friendly, approachable, and extremely passionate and knowledgable about our local environment and waterways.

Twenty five years ago Sharmon Hill decided to take her passion and hobby into her everyday life. Today, owner Kristi Kucera continues to carry on Sharmon’s vision and commitment to ensure you the most rewarding kayaking experience possible while providing guidance for a safe and fun adventure.

“Snug in our kayaks, we will glide through kelp beds along shoreline galleries of fantastically sculpted sandstone and cross between islands in a dance with the moon and the tides.”  (Founder Sharmon Hill)

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What Our Guests Say About Us…

“Kristi, Huge thanks to you and Donal for a fantastic weekend.  I can often gauge the quality of an adventure by the number of times my kids say “Whoa, look at that!”, needless to say, I stopped counting after the first hour on our 3 day trip.  Such an exciting, relaxing, and friendly trip!  Donal is an amazing guide and great person.  Not only will I recommend your company, I will encourage my friends to consider doing a trip.  I hope to return someday and explore more of the islands!  And thanks for ordering the beautiful weather…” –Paul Thormahlen, Montana 

“Our crew is still talking about what a great day they had. The rest of the week they kept filling us in on all the species of plant and sea life we would find around the beach/island. Every once in a while you find someone who is truly deserving of the word awesome, Kristi fits that – they enjoyed the kayaking and the education on the area and all of what makes this area so special!” –Ward McMillen, Missouri

“Went here for a birthday party and it was the most magical kayaking experience! It literally felt like something you’d see in a movie or out of some sort of magical fairytale. The tour guides were incredibly helpful and friendly, too. 100% would come back again!” –Soleil Sol, Washington State