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Full Day Trip – Chuckanut Bay (5 Hours)

Quick Details

Child Ages 7-16. Please call to inquire about children younger than 6 years old
Private Group up to 8 people
Large Group Prices vary depending on group size

Spend the Day Exploring the Beauty of Chuckanut Bay on a Kayak!

This is our favorite local kayaking experience! Launching from Larrabee State Park, we spend the day exploring the intricate sandstone formations, nooks and crannies of the intertidal zone and basking in the Pacific Northwest beauty. Due to our wonderful schedule we have plenty of time to explore a variety of coastlines from river deltas to seal haul-outs while taking little breaks along the way to enjoy the views. We stop for lunch (provided and prepared by your Moondance Guides) on Chuckanut Island, a beautiful refuge that is protected by The Nature Conservancy. After lunch we to hop back in the kayaks to refine our paddling technique and search for more of this regions hidden gems, including bald eagles, sea stars, harbor seals and the occasional porpoise or river otter. Come discover what sea kayaking in the pacific northwest is all about without any hassle from a ferry line!

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