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3 Day Cypress Island Adventure

Quick Details

Large Group Prices vary based on group size
Private Small Group Prices vary based on group size
Catered Adult Ages 17+
Catered Youth Ages 7-16
Self Catered Adult Ages 17+

Join Us for A Sea Kayaking Adventure in Cypress Island!

We love this trip! Avoid the ferry hassles and enjoy this mountainous island that offers wildness unsurpassed in the San Juan archipelago. Cypress Island is the largest undeveloped island in the San Juan Islands and there is no ferry access (5th largest island in all of the San Juans)! Currently surveyors on Cypress Island have identified 142 species of birds (plus 50 sighted, but undocumented bird species) and over 264 plant species! What an incredible place! This kind of biodiversity puts Cypress Island into “world class” status (shhhh don’t tell anyone because we want to keep it this way). Year after year, we can’t get enough of the wonderful diversity this island provides.

The two campsites we use are primitive with inspiring views of Mt. Baker an, all from the window of your tent. Hike our favorite trail 1.3 miles up to Eagle Cliff where your view of the San Juans Islands will be expansive and breathtaking. If you are listen closely you might just hear a Falcon soaring below the cliffs edge, or see Bald Eagles perched in the tree’s below. We have topped out on many of the San Juan Islands and this view is by far our favorite. Don’t worry if you still want more hiking, you will have nearly 15 miles of hiking trails to explore during your stay if you’re up for more exploring after our day’s paddle.

Time and weather permitting, we will paddle to Strawberry Island for a lunch exploration – keep your eyes out we often see Porpoise playing in the tidal currents surrounding this beautiful Nature Conservancy Island!

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