Multi-Day Kayaking Trips

Cypress Island • Sucia Island • Lummi Island

These longer trips are true vacation adventures! Learn to apply new found navigation skills and gain the paddling confidence these extended trips provide. Have you heard of the science behind why being in the wild for a minimum of 3 days can make you happier, healthier and more creative!? Well it’s true! Extensive scientific research as shown that 3 days + immersion in nature reduces anxiety, enhances creativity and boosts over all well being. During your “nature cleanse” you will have the opportunity to visit several islands from base camps we will set up along the way. Enjoy healthy, northwest influenced meals prepared and served by your guides or choose to cater your own trip and save a little money. Watch the cold fire of bioluminescence light up the sea, or paddle out for a moonlight excursion. Glide silently through the intertidal bays, reflect, relax, hike or fish as you explore these beautiful islands. As each day passes, your heart will get lighter and your smile will get wider.

Private trips available to book now. Contact us for more information!


Cypress Island

*Custom Dates Available

Recommended Trip Length 2-4 Days

We love this trip! Avoid the ferry hassles and enjoy this mountainous island that offers wildness unsurpassed in the San Juan archipelago.  Cypress Island is  the largest undeveloped island in the San Juan Islands and there is no ferry access! Currently surveyors on Cypress Island have identified 142 species of birds (plus 50 sighted, but undocumented bird species) and over 264 plant species! And that is just above our kayaks! Love world-class biodiversity then this place is for you! (Shhhh keep it like a secret because we want to keep it this way).

The two campsites we use are primitive with inspiring views of Mt. Baker, all from the window of your tent. Hike our favorite trail 1.3 miles up to Eagle Cliff where your view of the San Juans Islands will be expansive and breathtaking. If you are quiet enough you might just hear a Falcon soaring below the cliffs edge, or see Bald Eagles perched in the tree’s below. We have gone to the top of many of the San Juan Islands and this view is by far our favorite.  Don’t worry if you still want more hiking, you will have nearly 15 miles of hiking trails to explore during your stay.

Time and weather permitting, we will paddle to Strawberry Island for a lunch exploration – keep your eyes out we often see Porpoise playing in the tidal currents surrounding this beautiful Nature Conservancy Island! Click here for more information about Cypress Island and the Natural Resources Conservation Area.


Sucia Island

*Custom Dates Available


Recommended Trip Length: 3-5 Days

Highlights Include:

  • Paddling across Rosario Straight, racing diving shorebirds and looking for porpoise and other larger sea creatures!
  • Sunset paddles and/or Bioluminescence paddles in one of Sucia’s protected bays.
  • Camping on one of the most northern Islands in the San Juan Archipelago! Look there’s Canada!
  • Circumnavigating Sucia Island, exploring nooks and crannies, diverse intertidal life, Resident Bald Eagles and the untouched northern coastline.
  • GEOLOGY ROCKS! Conglomerate, Shale, Quartz, Sandstone and more -let’s go search for fossils!
  • Potential for taking a day trip to Matia Island to hike the Old Growth Forest and explore this unique little island.

No previous paddling experience is necessary. Paddlers from novice to experienced are welcome and there will be something for everyone, but you will need to be in good physical shape and be able to sit in a boat for long periods of time. Must be able to paddle for up to 3 hours at a time. Our boats generally fit folks up to 6’7″ and 265LBS comfortably. If you are near those specifications, or are concerned about comfort in a sea kayak, please give us a call.  A detailed gear list will be sent to you once you have reserved your trip.

Have all the camping gear already and just need a kayak guide? No problem! We offer fully-catered or self-catered options to work with your budget and preferences. Read below to see what is best for you. If you have any questions or want to customize your trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love helping your adventure dreams come true!

Multi-Day Booking Options

**Fully Catered Trips Include**

  • All meals on the entire trip cooked and prepared by your lovely guides
  • Morning Coffee and Tea
  • An awesome kayak guide to keep you safe and informed on the water, share their local knowledge and expertise of the beautiful areas we explore

**Self-Catered Trips Include**

  • Paddling Equipment (boats, life-jacket (pfd), paddles, dry bags, etc.)
  • An Awesome kayak guide to keep you safe and informed on the water, share their local knowledge and expertise of the beautiful areas we explore.

**All Trips Include**

  •  Sea-worthy Northwest tandem fiberglass sea kayaks
  •  Werner Sea Kayak Paddles
  •  Type III Coast Guard Approved PFD’s
  •  Bilge Pump & Other related Safety Equipment
  • Professionally trained sea kayak guide
  •  2 10 Liter Dry bags (for clothing and personal items)
  •  Detailed Packing List upon booking
  • Campsite fee’s
  •   Catered Adult:                  3 Day: $649.00      4 Day: $745.00      5 Day: $875.00
  •   Catered Youth: (12-17)   3 Day: $625.00      4 Day: $725.00      5 Day: $850.00
  •   Self -Catered:                   3 Day: $499.00      4 Day: $575.00      5 Day: $635.00

Lummi & Clark Island

Custom Dates Available


Recommended Trip Length: 2-3 Days

Looking for a quick escape from all the hustle and bustle? Look no further. These quick, yet relaxing and fun excursions are all about getting the most out of our paddle time while still being able to sleep under the stars and fall asleep to the musical rhythms of soft waves. By day we will explore the natural beauty off the bows of our boats as we adventure around some of the less traveled parts of Lummi Island. Jam packed and meant for those who are traveling on a budget or a tight schedule we offer lots of customizable options, below is our “Standard Lummi Island Multi-Day” package, keep in mind we are happy to rearrange to meet your needs for a private sea kayaking adventure!

Highlights Include: 

  • 8 miles of paddling for our first day. Beach lunch, beautiful scenery and the gentle sound of moving water as you lay your head down, under the night sky.
  • Waking up the songs of birds chirping and coffee/Tea boiling. Enjoy a wonderful breakfast prepared by your guides (or BYO if you love doing your own camp cooking).
  • Explore the remote end of southern end of Lummi Island & all the beautiful intertidal diversity!
  • Basque in the magnificent bluffs rising over 1,500 vertical feet up from the water!
  • 2 Days is perfect to visit one of the islands for a night, book 3 days to see both Islands and the ability to circumnavigate Lummi Island!
  • Make this a one way paddle or an out and back! If we go one way (exploring more new coastline) Moondance will shuttle you back to vehicles or choose to stay a little longer and enjoy a meal at the Beach Store Cafe or The Willows Inn.

In order to keep the cost of this particular trip down, we ask that you pack your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc.) and lunch for day 1. We do realize not everyone has their own gear. If you need to rent equipment we recommend reserving gear with Backcountry Essentials or Bellingham REI. If you’d like us to coordinate rentals, including pick up and drop off we can do so for an additional $50 per group reservation.


  • Self Catered:  2 Day =  $375.00 or 3 Day = $475.00
  • Catered Food: 2 Day = $450 or 3 Day = $600

Lummi & Clark Island Multi-Day Trip Includes:

  • Tandem Fiberglass sea worthy sea kayaks (made in WA State)
  • Werner Sea Kayak Paddles (also WA State)
  • Spray Skirts (also WA State)
  • Type III Coast Guard Approved PFD (lifejacket).
  • Dry Bags to pack your personal items in.
  • Bilge Pumps and other kayaking related safety equipment.
  • Professional & fun sea kayak guide to assist in your adventure!
  • Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch on day 2 prepared by your guide (included in catered trip, self catered option you will be responsible for providing your own food).
  • Morning coffee/Tea
  • Detailed Packing List upon booking.

What do I need to bring on my kayaking trip?

  • Personal Clothing and Footwear
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Flashlight / Headlamp
  • Brimmed Hat (for sun) and Warm Hat
  • Tent (with good rainfly)
  • Sleeping Bag (20 degrees, no cotton please)
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Small camp chair (optional)
  • Personal Water Bottle

A detailed gear list as well as driving and meeting directions will be sent to you with your confirmation email, but to prepare for your trip, please click here to review our 2-3 day gear list! 

LGBTQ Group Adventures

Interested in an LGBTQ friendly paddle adventure? We’ve got you. As a queer owned business we understand the importance of ensuring an inclusive atmosphere where people can truly be themselves. Grab your pals to book any of our above options on a private LGBTQ adventure, or look out for pre-organized dates that are specifically for LGBTQ+ groups. We generally run a 3 day trip during June (Pride Month) and another one towards the end of the summer months. Don’t see the dates you want? Send us an email with your availability or to simply sign up for our LGBTQ waiting list.

*Multi-day trips requires a minimum of 2 people to run a trip to meet our on water safety guidelines. Please contact us if you do not see the dates you are looking for on the book now page.

Yoga & Paddling

New for 2022 we will be adding a few specialty Yoga and Paddling trips. We will be joined by yoga teacher, Rebecca Carson, who has 35 years of movement based teaching and 800+ hours of yoga teaching experience since 2013. She’s been an outdoor educator for 20 year and is a past Moondance participant (both multi-days and day trips). For Rebecca, “movement is a springboard to greater confidence, creativity, reflection, and personal understanding.” As we journey through the islands by kayak, we are thrilled to have Rebecca’s expertise and guidance in keeping our bodies as fluid as the paddle strokes we take through the oceans waves. Yoga will be offered in the mornings and evenings. 

Overnight Sea Kayak Adventures: Contact Us for more info!